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Department of Chemistry Analytical Division

Analytical Chemistry

About the Division

The Analytical Chemistry program at Washington State University has a long history of world-class research that spans fundamental developments in instrumentation, synthetic methodologies, molecular recognition, and other strategies used in separations science. These methodologies are frequently used by our faculty to understand the migration of species through biological and environmental systems.

Student Perspectives

“The Analytical group at Washington State is a very exciting group to belong in. The diversity of the research exposes you to many different techniques you might not see in your own research. The research being done by the group has direct applications to everyday life that give a sense of purpose to the work. The group is one of the larger groups in the Department of Chemistry, but the majority of the faculty and the students are very down to earth and approachable. My favorite quality about the group is the sense of family that exists among my fellow graduate students. ”  –Maria Kriz, PhD, Nash group