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Department of Chemistry Analytical Division

We know that choosing the right chemistry graduate program is difficult. Ultimately, you must find a program that will meet your professional development needs while also fitting your personality. There are many questions that you must ask when making this choice. Upon graduation, do you want to work in industry or academia? If in academia, do you want to pursue purely research, teaching, or a combination of both? Do you perform best working independently or do you prefer larger groups with lots of mentoring opportunities? Do you like to teach? Within the Analytical Division, our faculty run diverse research programs and there are many opportunities for incoming graduate students. You may want to read our faculty profiles as well some of their publications. This will give you the best idea of the types of research experience offered in our program. This site attempts to provide you with some idea of graduate opportunities at Washington State University as well as provide some basic information on our graduate admissions process and recreational and cultural opportunities in and around Pullman. You may contact Stacie Olsen-Wilkes at 509-335-0946 or by email with any questions.